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Vigorously promote the implementation of special equipment safety law retroactive liability system built

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January 1, 2014, "People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law" into effect.
Compared to the previous implementation of the 10 years of "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", the new law added a product defect recall system, special equipment retirement system and retroactive liability regime.
"Special Equipment Safety Law" after the implementation, due to production reasons the identity of endangering safety deficiencies special equipment, the production units should be discontinued immediately and voluntarily recalled. Meanwhile retroactive liability regime established for special equipment is established "identity." Special equipment from the production, distribution, use and disposal of the responsible units should establish an information file, after the problem occurs, the regulatory authorities may by virtue of retroactive liability.
Urgent legislation
It is understood that special equipment is divided into boilers, pressure vessels (including cylinders), pressure pipes, elevators and other eight categories of equipment, and other equipment laws and regulations, the common feature is normally operated under high pressure, high temperature, high-altitude, high-speed conditions easily lead to an explosion, falling and other production and public accidents, serious harm to life and property safety.
Secretary Liu Zhaobin AQSIQ regulations introduced in 2005 the number of special equipment around the country more than 300 million units last year, the total has reached more than 820 million units. In the elevator, for example, to lift ownership in 2013 reached more than 250 million units, is the first in the world. The first is an urgent need for legislation is in response to the surge in the number of devices brought special regulatory issues. At the same time, production safety situation is grim, when accidents occur, but also to national legislation without delay.
Overall, China's special equipment supervision is effective and safe. Boiler and Pressure Vessel explosion from 1979 onwards 7 per million units in 2002 dropped to 0.5 million units per play. During the "Eleventh Five-Year", the death toll million units of special equipment from 0.94 people in 2006 down to 0.6 in 2012, but still higher than in developed countries 4-6 times.
Still the elevator, for example, the elevator is from the people nearest and most in need of special equipment, we often need to take the elevator, especially in densely populated areas.
Laws to lift the boiler industry
"Special Equipment Safety Act" Before the introduction of special equipment regulatory supervision of dealers can not lift, boilers and other special equipment, even dealers selling special equipment may not meet the regulatory requirements of the product, but no law enforcement officers.
"Special Equipment Safety Act" General clear production, operation, use, inspection, testing and supervision of special equipment, which is based on the operational aspects of the "Regulations" on new additions.
Special equipment sales, rental, imports have to be standardized, so that supervision of special equipment to form a more complete chain, and the legal system and product quality further convergence. Such as the law is clear that the sales were to establish purchase acceptance and sales records system, may not be sold without permission, inspection or obsolete, which do not meet the statutory requirements of the special equipment.
After the "Special Equipment Safety Law", boilers, elevators and other special equipment if the cause of its existence due to the production of identity endanger the safety defect, the manufacturer must stop production immediately and voluntarily recalled.
"Special Equipment Safety Act" requires companies to establish a comprehensive file management system, special equipment throughout the life cycle has the appropriate security information records, product liability and use of quality management responsibilities can be traced. Comply with the conditions of the special equipment recall, voluntarily recalled by the company; if companies do not take the initiative to recall, government departments have the right to force a recall. The official said, the implementation of special equipment recall system, will further strengthen the sense of responsibility for production units, special equipment will help improve the quality of products.

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